Pennsylvania Options for Wellness, Inc. is Pleased to Announce the Successful Launch of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) in Its Pennsylvania-Based Dispensary Locations – GlobeNewswire

HARRISBURG, Pa., June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pennsylvania Options for Wellness, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful launch of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) under its “Vytal Options” brand of products in its Pennsylvania-based dispensary locations.

The development of this product was announced after PA Options for Wellness/”Vytal Options” saw an increase in demand for a competitively priced RSO product. From patients as well as physicians, this concentrated product appears to be a top choice for those battling cancer, chronic pain and insomnia.

Packaged in an easy-to-read pouch, the back label features simple dosing and warming directions.

The full extract cannabis oil (FECO) is made from high-quality cured flower that undergoes an extraction process using food-grade ethanol to yield and preserve a full array of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phenols and other fatty acids. RSO is meant for oral consumption (eaten or used sublingually) or applied topically, as opposed to being inhaled like other concentrate forms. 

PA Options for Wellness/”Vytal Options” RSO is poised to be an integral addition to the brand’s curated in-house product lineup, offering high-level relief through a concentrated intake method at a competitive cost. With educational-backed marketing materials for patients, this product is well-positioned to serve

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