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See Planet 13 Holdings’ Robert Groesbeck Live!

Robert Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13 Holdings, will speak live at Cannabis Conference 2022 (Aug. 23-25, Las Vegas) on the session, “In the Black: Become Cash Positive by Avoiding These Expensive Cannabis Business Mistakes.” Groesbeck will be joined by Mary & Main Dispensary owner Hope Wiseman.

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Before entering Planet 13’s Las Vegas SuperStore, consumers are greeted by an 18-foot diameter, LED-studded water globe that emits fog and mist, and an array of 15-foot-tall interactive lotus flowers that line the roof of the facility. The flowers—made with metal stems and acrylic leaves—move in a motion as if they are saying hello or greeting individuals entering the store.

The show continues as customers make their way through security and walk across a sensory-activated, interactive LED floor that represents a koi pond, and the fish move accordingly when triggered. There is also an Aerial Orb Show at the top of every hour, which is accompanied by music and fog.

Planet 13 SuperStores are planned and built with customer experience at the forefront, and making a big first impression is the goal. Planet 13’s first Superstore is 112,000 square

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