Plans for new dispensary up for second reading – Jacksonville Journal-Courier

Jacksonville could be days away from getting a retail marijuana dispensary, with City Council expected to decide at next week’s meeting whether to approve a zoning change that now stands in the store’s way.

The proposed dispensary would be on property at 1112 Veterans Drive. Council approved the first of two required readings of the rezoning request at its March 15 meeting by a 9-1 vote.

One person spoke against approval prior to the council vote, saying it raised concerns about an increase in crime in the area. 

Kenny Pleasant, strategic consultant for Washington-based dispensary company Kush21, said the company has experience in running such facilities. It has 10 stores, all in Washington state. If approved, the Jacksonville location would be its first outside the state.

Pleasant said the people he talked to, many of whom now drive to Springfield if they want to buy cannabis, were excited by the prospect of a new dispensary.

“We weren’t introducing something new,” he said. “We were just offering it more convenient(ly).”

Pleasant said he was surprised

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