Playing Favorites – Cannabis Business Times

A dispensary’s ultimate goal is to become a consumer’s favorite place to shop for cannabis. So, what exactly makes a dispensary become someone’s favorite?

Brightfield Group’s new study of the U.S. retail cannabis brand landscape analyzed 11 cannabis markets to answer this question. The most common reason? Location. More than one-third (36%) of consumers surveyed list “the location” as a reason why a dispensary is their favorite, with it being the top reason in nine of the 11 markets explored.

In a mature market that can meet demand—like Colorado—proximity could be the make-or-break factor when consumers choose where to shop, especially if products and prices are similar across dispensaries. In limited-license markets with fewer dispensaries—such as Illinois, which, with 110 actively operating dispensaries, equates to one dispensary per 115,000 people—the location is even more important if other dispensaries are not nearby.

Location, however, is not the only important factor when it comes to attracting customers. “Variety of products” and “lowest prices,” both cited by 27% of respondents, were other top factors.

All three of these factors—convenient location, product variety and competitive prices—revolve around access. Consumers who participated in Brightfield’s study prioritize these basic attributes over other dispensary features like atmosphere

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