Plenty of Dispensary Options in the Berkshires – Pittsfield – Live 95.9

Recently I have had conversations with a number of people that I never thought would come around to the legal use of marijuana.  It seems as if a light switch was thrown and all of a sudden, the “Just Say No” campaign flipped to “Yes Please.”  Many politicians past and present that spoke against the legalization have not only seen the light but also the green now supporting the sale of recreational marijuana and in some cases also investing in the cannabis industry.

Last year Massachusetts collected more revenue from the excise tax on weed than the sale of alcohol.  The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission reported 2021 revenue of over $74 million from the sale of cannabis and just over $51 million from the sale of alcohol.   The sale of recreational cannabis went into effect in Mass last November of 2018.  Surpassing alcohol’s excise tax revenue in just 3-years is an indication of how high the market is for nature’s finest.

Today there are many ways to consume cannabis. While customer service is lacking in most retail establishments, that is not the case in the cannabis industry.  Dispensaries put a great emphasis on customer service.  You will find very knowledgable staffers available

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