Pot garden and dispensary proposed for west side – Illinois Times

A marijuana dispensary, and pot-growing facility, might be coming to a shuttered movie theater on Springfield’s west side.

Opening a dispensary is the first step, according to Chris Stone, a real-estate investor and lobbyist who is helping put the deal together. If all goes as planned, Maribis, which has dispensaries in Grandview and Chicago, would open a dispensary at the Parkway Pointe AMC movie theater complex at 3025 Lindbergh Boulevard that closed last year.

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There is a time crunch. Under state law, Maribis, which began as a medical marijuana company before Illinois legalized recreational pot, has until March 31 to open a new dispensary for recreational marijuana under its state license. Work began this week at the closed theater, and the process is being fast-tracked by the mayor’s office, which, according to Stone, issued a demolition permit Tuesday directly instead of requiring the developer to apply for a permit through usual processes within the city’s public works department.

“I officially put in a demolition permit today, just to cover ourselves,” said Stone, who says he has an interest in the real estate but not the cannabis growing or dispensing side of the

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