Prayers for Texas shooting victims, cannabis license for Massachusetts vendor, at Morristown council – Morristown Green

A Massachusetts vendor has been chosen to open Morristown’s first cannabis dispensary.

Uma Flowers, started last December by sisters-in-law Priyanka and Tejal Patel in Pepperell, Mass., edged out five other applicants to secure the license from the Morristown council.

It was approved Tuesday by a 6-0 vote — Council President Stefan Armington abstained without explanation — at a hybrid meeting that began with a prayer for 19 children and two adults gunned down at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Councilman David Silva, a church pastor, prayed for God to “eradicate violence.” Later, in a gesture planned days ago, Mayor Tim Dougherty read a proclamation for next week’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The Uvalde massacre, just 10 days after a mass shooting in a Buffalo supermarket, is “beyond comprehension,” and yet another example of “an unnecessary evil pervading our country,” said Councilwoman Sandi Mayer, who had pushed for the proclamation.

Wearing orange on June 3 won’t be enough to stop this “incredible stupidity,” Mayer said.

“You need to vote for people that have logic. We do not need 400 million weapons in this country,” the councilwoman said.

Americans have added 100 million firearms since the 2018 slaughter of 17

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