Preacher and wife use cannabis consulting company to help lessen medical marijuana stigma –

Some people may drive by the establishment numerous times, while others are emboldened enough to pull into the parking lot — only to sit in their cars.  

An Oklahoma minister and his wife are helping people reluctant to visit medical marijuana dispensaries come out of the shadows. 

No, the Rev. Kent Hawkins isn’t the Pot Pastor or Father Feelgood. 

“We are not pot heads,” he said of himself and his wife Jennifer.

The Leedey couple said they simply know that many people, especially Christians in this Bible belt state, worry that their reputations may suffer if anyone from their faith community found out they have visited a dispensary to obtain medical cannabis.  

For others, it’s not what people will say that keeps them from seeking such treatment, it’s their own inner conflict about it all or their general lack of knowledge about medical marijuana.  

Kent, 52, said the allure of the health benefits eventually outweighs the stigma that often comes attached to cannabis. For those who need more help than others to overcome barriers, the Hawkinses, as founders of Hawkeye Consulting, a “Christian cannabis consulting” service, stand ready to offer advice and even a step-by-step visit to a dispensary.  

Kent, an ordained Assemblies of God preacher, thinks there are people who won’t brave the door of a dispensary if they don’t have

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