President Biden’s Cannabis Pardons

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Similarly to many career politicians who now support criminal justice reform after decades of supporting the most unjust policing and sentencing laws, President Joe Biden has been notably lacking in keeping the pro-cannabis and criminal justice reform promises he ran on in the contentious and chaotic election that was 2020. Along with still referencing the widely disproven “gateway drug” theories, even on the campaign trail, Biden promised that federal cannabis reform would become a reality under his presidency.

Certain notable legislators from both sides of the aisle of Congress and the Senate such as Ohio Rep. David Joyce and Oregon Rep. Jeff Merkley continue to file and sponsor cannabis reform legislation on the federal level, yet all attempts never approach anything that resembles fruition. Cannabis reform polls extremely well, yet Congress and the Senate remain tribally divided on most issues, unfortunately including cannabis. And despite any action to implement cannabis reforms on the federal level, Biden seems to be attempting to judicially atone for the millions of wrongs and injustices committed by the 1994 Crime Bill.

Biden’s first round of pardons: October of 2022

In October of 2022, Biden announced his presidential pardon

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