Princeton has first reading on medical marijuana dispensaries – Beckley Register-Herald

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PRINCETON — An ordinance which helps make way for medical marijuana dispensaries had a first reading Monday before the Princeton City Council.

The ordinance would amend Article 1345, District Uses, and 1345.01, Zoning Schedule of Use Controls, so medical marijuana dispensaries could go into business within the Princeton city limits.

Mayor David Graham said before the meeting that the city was looking at allowing these dispensaries to establish themselves in locations along Stafford Drive and Rogers Street.

Graham said he had not heard about any companies announcing plans yet to set up dispensaries in the city.

City Attorney Paul Cassell told the city council that the use of medical marijuana has been authorized in West Virginia, and that in 2020 the Legislature passed regulations for dispensaries offering these products. The regulations identified where medical marijuana dispensaries can be located and how they can operate.

Cassell had a first reading of the ordinance by title, and the city council approved it unanimously.

The amended ordinance would follow state guidelines for where medical marijuana businesses can be located. Dispensaries would not be allowed within 1,000

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