Prior to state approval for recreational cannabis sales, workers at Harmony Dispensary unionized – The Hudson Reporter

Secaucus’ Harmony Dispensary recently made headlines after getting state approval to expand from medical cannabis sales to recreational adult-use sales. However, what went somewhat under the radar was that, at the end of October, the workers of the dispensary unionized.

On Oct. 22, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 360 announced the decision of workers at the Harmony Foundation and its Harmony Dispensary to unionize as members of UFCW. Harmony employees added their names to the fast-growing ranks of UFCW Local 360 from New Jersey’s fledgling cannabis economy.

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“This is great news for these workers and their families. They carefully considered and then selected the career-enhancing benefits that come with joining Local 360,” said Hugh Giordano, UFCW Local 360 organizing director.

“From ensuring sick and ailing patients get the help they need, to educating them on how to properly experience the benefits of medical marijuana, to supporting the expansion of this industry, they have shown their commitment to the promises of the cannabis economy,” Giordano said.

“Across the cannabis industry, a new breed of workers is discovering that true unions play a critical role in properly balancing the needs of workers, communities and employers,” said

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