Prominent medicinal cannabis supplier set for government showdown in South Australia court –

One of Australia’s highest-profile medicinal cannabis suppliers is prepared to face nine-years’ jail in a court case that could set a national legal precedent.

Adelaide woman Jenny Hallam, 45, was raided by police in January last year, halting the supply of her cannabis oil to almost 300 Australians suffering from a range of medical conditions.

Some of Ms Hallam’s clients, who she said all received the medicinal cannabis for free, may now appear in court to help her try to avoid a jail term similar in length faced by convicted ice manufacturers.

Ms Hallam told she had witnesses prepared to bring their medical records into a South Australian court and tell a jury how medicinal cannabis had improved their quality of life and explain why the current system was “broken”.

Jenny Hallam addresses the media outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court on January 11, 2018. Ms Hallam appeared before the Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with manufacturing and possessing a controlled drug. (AAP)

“If I have to go to jail for this, I will go to jail. What I did was morally right,” Ms Hallam said.

“There were young children, teenage girls and all kinds of other sick and dying people who came to me looking for relief.

“I felt I had a duty to help these people … they don’t have time for this government to sort this out.”

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