Property Owners Who Lease to Illicit Weed Businesses May Soon Face Stiff Fines

The City of Los Angeles is on the brink of taking a dramatic measure against illegal cannabis businesses. At a panel event on Jan. 24, Cat Packer, the executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, said the City Council will be voting on a measure to fine property owners $20,000 a day if they are found renting to unlicensed marijuana enterprises.

That amount may sound drastic, but technically it’s the law. Measure M, which was passed by LA voters last year, does include a provision that states landowners renting to unlicensed weed businesses are liable for the $20,000 a day amount. But that part of the law has never been enforced.

But that oversight may soon be corrected. “Without enforcement, there can’t be any change,” said Jennifer Tung, who works as chief risk officer at local edibles company Plus Products and who also spoke on the Jan. 24 panel.

City officials have stated that currently, Los Angeles is home to over 170 unlicensed cannabis businesses. The United Cannabis Business Association estimates the number of illegal cannabis enterprises is at 700-800 nationwide.

Business owners have stated that stringent regulatory processes have made it difficult to obtain licenses in a

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