Protesters Descend Upon Oklahoma Capitol in Response to Rigid Medical Cannabis Bills

Facing multiple bills that they say would undermine their rights to medical marijuana, hundreds of protesters swarmed Oklahoma’s state capitol on Thursday.

The legislation that provoked the demonstration could have myriad effects: one proposal would ban billboards advertising medical cannabis; another would prohibit dispensaries from being built near churches. 

Oklahoma voters approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana in 2018, and the new law took effect last August.

Linda Jerchau, a grower at Hypnotic Farms in Claremore, Oklahoma, said she showed up to protest in the capital of Oklahoma City this week so that her business can maintain the rights enshrined in the new law.

“We’re not asking for anything except just let us be a business,” said Jerchau, as quoted by The Oklahoman. “We’re legal. Let us stay legal. Let us be.”

The Oklahoman reported that Jerchau attended the rally with her father, John Blackwell, who said he uses medical marijuana to help him sleep.

“It doesn’t knock you out,” he said. “It helps you relax and sleep.”

“We’re not going to let them get away with it,” Blackwell added. “The public wanted it passed as a law, it got passed as a law, then why are they trying to

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