Prunedale’s first cannabis dispensary brings a local ethic to its operation. – Monterey County Weekly

San Miguel Canyon Road tends to get clogged near its Highway 101 and 156 exits. Fortunately, there are things to do along San Miguel Canyon Road – things to eat, smoke and be merry.

White Fire cannabis dispensary is the first such shop in Prunedale. It is operated by Grupo Flor, a company founded in 2015 that owns two East of Eden dispensaries – in Moss Landing and Salinas – and another White Fire in San Jose. The company started in Salinas. In each city where Grupo Flor has opened a retail store, 100 percent of the workforce is made up of local residents. “We are extremely proud to have met that community promise,” the company notes on its website.

The inside of the Prunedale store, which opened in 2021, is bright and inviting, with an all-female staff at the moment of the Weekly’s visit. Most of the product suppliers represented have their own glass case with a logo above, and White Fire carries local California products, such as Kanha, PLUS, or Select.

The shop has everything you would expect: flower, vape, pre-rolls and more, with daily specials (Flower Mondays, Vape Tuesdays, etc.), including $0.05 pre-rolls and $10 off for first-time customers.

That said,

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