Public Flower Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Allentown – Buffalo Rising

The first black owned and women owned, licensed adult-use cannabis dispensary has opened in the City of Buffalo. Public Flower is now operational at 232 Allen Street, situated inside a restored apothecary (origins: 19th Century Buffalo Business and Professional Directory City of Buffalo Building Permits, 1887-1906). The historic building and storefront – corner of Allen and Cottage Street – was more recently home of the Antique Man.

Public Flower is owned and operated by Sheldon Anderson and Moriah Kelly, who feel that the day has come, not just for legal cannabis sales, but for people who have been pushing for the legalization for quite some time. They feel that Public Flower’s duty is to “serve as a hub for education, wellness, and inclusivity – with a commitment to fostering diversity and equity.”

Not only will Public Flower offer flowers, edibles, and vapes, it will also be a hub for the neighborhood, as well as a historically preserved landmark on Allen Street.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey and to share our passion for cannabis with the vibrant community of Allentown,” says Sheldon Anderson, who feels that Public Flower is poised to become a beacon

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