Public Flower marijuana dispensary debuts in Allentown – Buffalo News

Public Flower CEO Sheldon Anderson talks about the recreational adult-use cannabis dispensary he is planning to open on Allen Street by the end of the year and talks about how he has handled the legal delays that have prevented him from opening sooner.

The city’s first Black- and woman-owned, adult-use recreational cannabis dispensary has opened in Allentown.

The business, founded by Sheldon Anderson and Moriah Kelly, debuted Monday at 232 Allen St.

The location was originally home to an apothecary dating to the late 19th century. Public Flower has restored the interior to reflect that history, including ornate wooden fixtures and exposed brick.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey and to share our passion for cannabis with the vibrant community of Allentown,” said Anderson, the CEO. “By reclaiming this historic space and infusing it with our own unique perspective, we hope to inspire others.”

Sheldon Anderson, CEO of Public Flower, inside the business last fall.

Derek Gee/Buffalo News

Public Flower is among the local licensees who had been awaiting permission to open for business, amid legal challenges the state has faced over the

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