Rapper Jim Jones Arrested for Marijuana, Firearm Possession

New York City rapper Jim Jones ran into some legal trouble recently. While spending time with friends in Georgia, the musician was busted on charges including marijuana and firearm possession.

A Run-In With Cops

After a car chase in Coweta County, Georgia on Thursday night, Jim Jones is facing a number of charges. According to TMZ, who broke the story, the whole thing started when cops pulled over a vehicle that Jones was a passenger in.

The cops who pulled the car over said that instead of pulling to the side of the road, the vehicle sped off, starting a high-speed car chase.

The speeding car ultimately ran into a deputy’s vehicle and was forced to stop. When cops moved in, they found Jim Jones in the car along with the driver and two other passengers.

Unfortunately for Jones and his friends, that wasn’t all the cops found. Law enforcement said they saw marijuana, vape cartridges, THC cannabis oil, oxycodone, Percocet, two loaded pistols, and a stash of what Jones reportedly called “just petty cash.”

Making matters even worse for Jones and his friends, the cops said that one of the pistols was stolen.

All four were reportedly busted for

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