Rapper Vic Mensa Is Bringing The City’s First Black Weed Brand To Chicago’s Dispensaries – Block Club Chicago

CHICAGO — Countless Black Chicagoans have been arrested and jailed for selling cannabis since the start of the War on Drugs. And while recreational weed was legalized in 2020, the booming billion-dollar cannabis industry that emerged in Chicago since then has been dominated almost entirely by white-owned companies, rather than the communities most impacted by cannabis criminalization.

But after more than two years of legal weed in Illinois, the shelves at Chicago’s dispensaries are finally stocked with cannabis products made by a local Black-owned company. The company, 93 Boyz, is helmed by Vic Mensa, making the rapper’s line of weed products the first Black-owned brand to get a foothold in the recreational cannabis industry in Chicago, he said.

Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club ChicagoJoints from 93 Boyz are for sale at Dispensary 33 in the West Loop on July 29, 2022. Vic Mensa founded 93 Boyz, which is Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis brand.

93 Boyz, which Mensa co-owns with Preston Oshita, also known as rapper Towkio, has already launched a selection of pre-rolled joints at several dispensaries. The pre-rolls come in three different strains curated for the “tastemaker cannabis brand,” that 93 Boyz is aiming to bring to Chicago’s “dry” weed scene, Mensa

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