Readers Respond to Oregon’s Weed Market Crash – Willamette Week

The arrival of large cannabis chains in Oregon over the past decade was a source of some consternation. So the news of their implosion was met with some interest from our readers. For much of the year, WW has investigated the business and political dealings of La Mota, the state’s second-largest dispensary chain. Last week, we considered what last year was the third-largest: Chalice Brands, a publicly traded Canadian corporation that has seen its market share crater (“Fade Away,” WW, Aug. 23). Now the company is going into receivership and leaving many of its creditors unpaid. Here’s what our readers had to say:

ripperduck, via “In Eugene, you’ll find pot shops on nearly every other block. Way too saturated a market, and it’s inevitable they’ll consolidate to the point only a couple of these places will exist.”

tas50, via Reddit: “It’d be a real shame if we lost some dispensaries around here. Folks might have to walk another two blocks to get to the next one.”

Suspended in Time, via Twitter: “They have the best tasting gummies…but not worth $7.6 billion.”

AXEL-1973, via Reddit: “I just want to point out that basically none of the corporate weed companies have been turning profits the

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