Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries Get Green Light in Woodridge – Patch

WOODRIDGE, IL — Woodridge residents will soon be able to buy recreational cannabis without leaving the confines of the village. Board members voted four to two Thursday to approve a zoning ordinance amendment that would allow for cannabis dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana in Woodridge.

The new zoning amendment allows for two recreational cannabis dispensaries to be located in non-residential districts in Woodridge. These dispensaries must be at least 1,000 from schools and at least 100 feet from residences, the amendment outlines.

The amendment’s approval comes after nearly three years of discussion about recreational cannabis sales in Woodridge.

Recreational cannabis sales first became legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020. Just prior to that, Woodridge has opted out of permitting cannabis sales within its limits.

During the April 2021 general consolidated election, a referendum question was added to the ballot in Woodridge that asked, “Shall the Village of Woodridge allow the retail sale of adult use recreational cannabis products at dispensary businesses licensed by the State of Illinois?”

More than 55 percent of voters chose “yes” and just over 44 percent of voters chose “no” in response to the referendum question.

In early 2022, Woodridge hosted two public

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