Recreational Marijuana Rules Rile Cannabis-Friendly San Francisco – Leafly

Update, 4:05 p.m.

San Francisco cannabis lovers will have to wait a little longer for supervisors to establish regulations over where to allow new recreational marijuana stores in January.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to hold off on a temporary measure that would allow existing stores to sell recreational cannabis starting Jan. 1 and give the board more time to hash out rules.

The board needed to vote on the temporary cannabis measure Tuesday to be ready for sales on Jan. 1.


Confusion Coming With California’s Legal Cannabis

Supervisors in this cannabis-friendly city are having a difficult time agreeing to where to allow new recreational stores as critics, many of them older Chinese immigrants, have spoken up against marijuana use around children.

The board will take up cannabis regulations in two weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Famously pro-cannabis San Francisco, where the 4/20 marijuana holiday is celebrated with a group smoke-out on Hippie Hill, is having a surprisingly difficult time establishing regulations for the broad legal market coming to California in January.


Sticker Shock Coming With California’s New Cannabis Market

Writing local rules in the cannabis-friendly city has taken a contentious turn as critics, many of them older Chinese immigrants who oppose marijuana use, try to restrict where products can be sold.

“Cannabis is effectively legal now and the sky hasn’t fallen. A lot of the information people have been given is completely false.”

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy

Divided San Francisco supervisors are scheduled to take up the issue at a board meeting Tuesday, where they may vote on a stop-gap measure to allow the sale of recreational cannabis through existing medical marijuana outlets on Jan. 1 as they continue

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