Rehabilitating Gold Soil with Hemp Farms

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Plans in 2022 include rehabilitation of 100 years of toxic gold-waste soil into cannabis mega-farms, and 5000 acres billed as ‘the largest cannabis research and development cultivation site on the globe’.

As things stand now, cannabis cultivation for medical and scientific purposes has been legalized in 11 out of the continent’s 52 countries and the continent is on the threshold of what Prohibition Partners predicts to be a $7.1bn continental market by next year.

Leading the way – South Africa and Uganda.

Hemp to clean toxic ‘gold hills’

The first stop is South Africa where the government is toying with ideas of growing cannabis on mountain heaps of soil that gold mining companies have left behind in the past century. “It’s bioremediation – this is a grand plan to grow cannabis to detoxify hills of contaminated soil left behind by gold mining corporations in South Africa,” Anele Lodi, a scientist with the South Africa ministry of agriculture and fisheries says, explaining what authorities have in mind with regards to cannabis and toxic mining soils.
Heaps, artificial mountains, of contaminated soil are an omnipresent feature across Gauteng province in
South Africa, the site

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