Report Says Minnesota Needs at Least 381 Dispensaries, Examines MJ Consumer Habits – High Times

Minnesota legalized adult-use cannabis in 2023 and medical cannabis back in 2014, and with the emergence of the pending market comes a new report documenting the cannabis habits among consumers in the state.

While the report primarily looks at consumption and buying habits of Minnesotans, it also notably suggested that the state will need a minimum of 381 cannabis dispensaries across the state. This is because of state law, which requires one dispensary for every 12,500 Minnesotans.

The report details the findings of a project commissioned by the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management looking to better understand current attitudes of cannabis consumers and demand in the state. Specifically, it pulls from data collected from the June 2023 and Sept. 2023 Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS), which is used to gather state-specific data on cannabis-related outcomes and administered on a quarterly basis.

Data collected from 494 participants residing in Minnesota who completed the full survey were included in the sample, and all were past-year cannabis consumers. The percentage of participants residing in each county is “almost perfectly correlated with the percentage of actual Minnesota residents in each county,” so authors suggest that the data is consistent with actual county

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