Researchers Launching CBD Study with Former Hockey Players

The NHL Alumni Association is one of the sponsors of a study that will examine the effects of CBD on around 100 former pro hockey players who suffer from brain trauma caused by the league’s notoriously rough play.

“It’s really rather sad when you see these giants of sport having to deal with terrible headaches and emotional issues as well—there’s quite a bit of anxiety and depression and PTSD in athletes that has gone unrecognized,” neurosurgeon Charles Tator told a morning television program on Monday.

The announcement of the study is a victory for the former NHL players who have fought for adequate treatment for the damage that professional hockey does to its athletes. Detroit Red Wings standout Darren McCarty and VEDA Sport director Marvin Degon are among the players past and present that have been outspoken about the urgency of connecting pro athletes to safe and effective cannabis treatment for chronic pain.

In fact, professional hockey is leading the charge when it comes to athletes having access to marijuana. Currently, 28 of the NHL’s 31 teams is located in an area where players are able to consume cannabis with minimal risk of penalty. The league in general tends to

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