Resinate Partners With Arizona Dispensaries to Recycle Cannabis Packaging Waste – Cannabis Business Times

California has been dubbed the largest adult-use cannabis market in the world, but those playing by the rules continue to forge ahead while remaining handcuffed by the state’s tax structure and retail shortage.  

Despite being on pace to record its highest yearly sales mark—with adult-use cannabis retail tallying $3.9 billion in taxable sales through the first three quarters of 2021—California’s reality on the ground is that the illicit market still outperforms the legal one because of a price gap caused by oppressive tax burdens and multilayered bureaucracy as barriers to entry. 

Last year, the Legislative Analyst’s Office—a nonpartisan fiscal and policy research institute for California’s Legislature—estimated that adult-use cannabis businesses operate in less than one-third of jurisdictions statewide.

But that could all change under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal released Jan. 10—pending what’s in the details. Nevertheless, Newsom signaled he’s ready to reform the cannabis program’s tax structure and retail shortage.  

“The administration intends to further develop a grant program this spring that will aid local governments in, at a minimum, opening up legal retail access to consumers,” Newsom wrote in his 400-page budget summary. “Further, the administration supports cannabis tax reform and plans to work with the Legislature to make modifications

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