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Any ordinance that would allow a medical marijuana dispensary in any given Alabama city at any time in the future must be approved in that city by Dec. 30, 2022, a condition that Riverside Mayor Rusty Jessup spoke of during Monday’s City Council session.

Jessup said if passed in Riverside, such an ordinance would not mean that the city would pursue a dispensary or that the city would be approved by the state for one.

“My feeling is just that years down the road, if the city wanted to do this, we would have had to approve an ordinance by this deadline for it to proceed,” Jessup said.

After reading materials supplied by the state, following the legalization of medical marijuana in Alabama, Jessup said the criteria for allowing the dispensaries is stringent and requires the operator of such to meet the criteria, not the city.

Jessup said according to state information he has received, at this time there would only be 37 dispensaries allowed in the state.

“And, even if we pursued it, I doubt that Riverside would be selected at this point,” he said.

Requirements included in approving dispensaries include allowing no advertising of the facility, the dispensary

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