Roots in Rebellion

CANNABIS CULTURE – Why Indigenous cannabis growers are camping outside South Africa’s presidential residence

For three years, they have been living in the garden of South Africa’s president’s official home, growing a cannabis garden and other vegetables saying that, being South Africa’s First Nation, their freedom cannot be restricted by modern post-colonial rules.

“We won’t be moved – and it’s our right to cultivate cannabis, and enjoy our way of life,” vows King Khioisan SA, who says he is 54. King Khoisan is defiant while resting in the colorful garden of Union Buildings, the official residence of all of South Africa’s presidents which is perched atop a hill on the eastern flanks of Pretoria, South Africa’s capital.

King Khoisan hails from the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, which is famous for unlicensed indigenous farmers dabbling with cannabis cultivation

King Khoisan says he is the king of the Khoisan, South Africa’s first nation that has lived in the country for over 10 000 years and grown cannabis unrestricted, well before the arrival of colonial Europeans. King Khoisan and his four followers have become a hit with tourists visiting the Union Buildings. 

Khoisan SA, 54 days as the King of

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