Sacramento’s First Black Woman-Owned Marijuana Dispensary … – Yahoo News

The first Black woman-owned marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, California, opened on Saturday.

Crystal Nugs CEO Maisha Bahati talked with ABC 10 about the first Black woman-owned dispensary in the city and how the business operates through a program that helps those affected by the criminalization of cannabis in the United States.

“We are the first Black woman-owned cannabis dispensary in Sacramento,” Bahati told the outlet. “We are also a locally involved and social equity dispensary in Sacramento through the Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity program.

The city of Sacramento created the CORE program in 2018 to shed light on how the strict laws regarding marijuana have significantly impacted communities of color and other marginalized groups, according to the website. The goal is to help community members launch cannabis businesses legally in the industry.

For Bahati, her newly opened dispensary will help residents looking to purchase cannabis in the city or nearby areas.

Customers checked out the products during Crystal Nugs’ grand opening and met the staff and owners.

Additionally, Bahati showcased her clothing brand, Bougie Stoner Boutique, which includes white and green robe coats with marijuana designs exclusively sold at Crystal Nugs.

Azizza Davis Goines, the president and CEO of the Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce and the executive director of the Sacramento Black

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