Salisbury setting marijuana dispensary city ordinance in stone – 47abc – WMDT

49 minutes ago

SALISBURY, Md. – The city of Salisbury may decide on Friday where future adult use marijuana dispensaries will be permitted within city limits, a decision that industry advocates are closely watching, like President of Peninsula Consulting Anthony Darby.

“Knowing that we are trying to be a good steward to the community. You want your store to be in a place that makes not just yourself, but the neighbors of the store.”

Location is the biggest topic to address.

Darby wants community members to know their concerns are being listened to.

“These are licensed dispensaries that give out very limited licenses.”

“These are not dispensaries that are targeting neighborhoods that have been adversely affected by the war on drugs.”

Chantelle Elsner, North East President of TerrAscend, oversees the sale and distribution of cannabis for The Apothecarium of Salisbury.

She says the organization continues to work closely with the city and its neighbors.

“Any ongoing changes that are made to the city ordinance is something we will continue to adjust to and educate our patients and our consumers, as well as the community itself,” and as Salisbury defines its corner of the adult use

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