San Jose Considers Easing Cannabis Fines – Patch

SAN JOSE, CA — San Jose will consider reducing fines for regulated cannabis dispensaries to help them become more financially lucrative.

The Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee, composed of five San Jose councilmembers, unanimously recommended reducing fines on legal dispensaries, among other ideas to ease the burden on cannabis sellers. The city council on Nov. 14 will vote on these recommendations.

Dispensary owners in San Jose say they are losing money by the thousands – not because consumption has decreased – but because customers are moving to the black market where products are easier and cheaper to buy. Owners blame the city’s overregulation, which leads to expensive fines, restrictions on hours of operation and forces price increases. Meanwhile, they say illegal sales are flourishing as the city turns a blind eye.

City regulated dispensary owners and operators are now asking for support from San Jose officials.

“We wouldn’t have a healthy surplus (in the city budget) if it wasn’t for our cannabis industry,” Councilmember Omar Torres said. “I think it’s important that the state has its regulations (but) ours are a little bit more restrictive and so we’re tying their hands. And that is why the black market

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