Santa Barbara County Supervisors Greenlight Two Cannabis Projects, Reject Appeals – Santa Barbara Independent

Tuesday’s Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors meeting wasn’t all about cannabis, but for much of its duration, it certainly felt like it was. While the debate at times got convoluted and contentious, the punch line of the day was short and simple. The supervisors gave their collective thumbs-up to two cannabis projects that had been previously approved by the county’s Planning Commission and subsequently appealed by their neighbors.

Roots Carpinteria Dispensary

Barring a reversal by the California Coastal Commission, a new cannabis dispensary dubbed Roots Carpinteria will soon be going into the sprawling beachside shopping area located on Santa Claus Lane. The supervisors unanimously approved this project — bitterly fought by some of the merchants, many nearby residents, and one of the major commercial owners in the shopping complex — rejecting arguments made by opponents that the additional traffic generated by the new dispensary would overwhelm the already-strained parking capacity of the surrounding beachfront environs. 

This added strain, the dispensary’s critics contended, would effectively limit beach access to the untold number of visitors who make the Santa Claus Lane Beach so populated every summer weekend. They also argued the dispensary would destroy the family-friendly beach vibe of Santa Claus Lane, violating in

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