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If you’re in constant need of a restock of your favorite strain, reach for Savvy. Savvy is the wallet-smart option for MÜVers across the state, available at dispensaries starting Labor Day weekend.

What is Savvy Cannabis?

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Savvy cannabis is the good stuff that doesn’t pinch your pocket.

It’s the wallet-smart, street-smart brand that encompasses high culture like never before. Imagine bold packaging (truly imagine – per Florida state rules, packaging can only be white!), street art, and bulk cannabis as the pillars of this powerhouse brand. Yes, you read that correctly – quarters and half-ounces are coming to MÜV.

Be Cannabis Flower-Savvy

Flower in the Savvy brand will consist of what we like to think of as portable buds – buds that are great for breaking down with your fingers for a quick bowl or pipe sesh, or for throwing into a grinder and getting that consistent grind for pre-rolls, blunts, and joints. Previously categorized as Tier 3 bud, these nugs will be comparable to what many call popcorn bud.

Savvy flower will come in 3 different sized varieties, ensuring Savvy flower is always in budget for any Florida patient.

3.5g Bud

The 3.5 gram portable bud option is perfect for the cannasuer

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