School administrators push St. Louis leaders to revisit dispensary distance rules –

“That loophole is only here in the city,” said Dr. Nobel. “The city where we are continuously spiraling you want to put a loophole so we can continue spiraling.”

ST. LOUIS — Part of a plan for a drive-through marijuana dispensary in St. Louis’ Soulard neighborhood has been shelved after multiple groups, including administrators at a local school, voiced their opposition.

The owners of the future Kind Goods may have dropped their idea of having a drive-through, but that’s not stopping them from moving ahead with plans to make it a dispensary.

“To this moment they’re actually clearing it out so they can open this in the near future,” said Dr. Katrice Nobel of Lift for Life Academy.

Under Missouri law, the dispensary would be illegal since it will sit roughly 150 feet from Lift for Life Academy.

“The state had a rule of 1,000 feet distance unless a local municipality changed that,” said Marshall Cohen, Executive Director of Lift for Life Academy. “Sure enough, the Board of Alderman approved it a couple of years ago removing that. That’s tough. We have to take care of our kids.”


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