Second cannabis dispensary planned for LIndsay | Photos – Porterville Recorder

If all goes well the city of Lindsay will have two downtown cannabis dispensaries by 2023.

Elevate Lindsay is the new cannabis dispensary that will be placed in a downtown brick building in the city. The dispensary will be located about a block from the first dispensary that’s opened in the city, Valley Pure.

One of the unique features of “Elevate Lindsay” will be it will include a lounge in which people will be able to consume cannabis products. The idea behind the consumption lounge is to basically keep people from walking around on the street and smoking cannabis and consuming other cannabis products in public so other people don’t have to be around cannabis smoke. So in essence Elevate Lindsay will offer a cannabis bar.

Elevate Lindsay will be located about a block from Valley Pure. City of Lindsay Finance Director Juana Espinoza said there should be enough room for two cannabis dispensaries to operate in the same area in the community.

She added Elevate Lindsay gave an impressive updated presentation after submitting its original request for proposal, RFP.

“I think that their new dispensary is definitely different from the original RFP,” she said.  As far as two dispensaries located in the

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