Should Pets Be Protected from Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke?

Having pets about the place is great. And assuming you’re a responsible pet owner, you’d never even think about deliberately getting your cat or your dog high. Even if it’s purely for therapeutic purposes, pets should never be given products containing THC or CBD without first consulting with a vet.

But what (if any) risk does second-hand smoke pose to your pets? Should you be taking any specific measures to protect your pets from second-hand cannabis smoke? Or is it just fine to enjoy an indoor hotbox and leave them to their own devices?

The whole debate surrounding pets and second-hand cannabis smoke actually prompts two equally important questions. Both of which we’ll now be taking a look at in a little more detail.

Will Second-Hand Cannabis Smoke Get Your Pets High?

Research suggests that the myth regarding a contact high is exactly that. For us humans, getting high from second-hand cannabis smoke is borderline impossible. Almost immediately upon inhalation, the smoke from a joint, blunt or bong is stripped of its cannabinoids with surprising efficiency. Human lungs do a great job extracting both the CBD and THC from cannabis smoke, even if you almost immediately cough the whole

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