Sizzling CBD For Summer Anxiety

Bloom & Oil -Your Ultimate CBD Summer Shopping List.

For many people, summer is a welcome reprieve from the dark and damp winter doldrums. However, that doesn’t mean the summer season is all fun and games. In fact, summer is the “hottest” season for panic attacks. There’s even a medically recognized syndrome called “summer anxiety.”

Although “summer anxiety” may sound weird at first, there are plenty of logical explanations for this phenomenon. For starters, more people are likely to get dehydrated in the warmer months. We now know that dehydration often causes symptoms similar to anxiety, including restlessness, light-headedness, and heart palpitations. 

But it’s not just dehydration that makes us feel drained in the summer. Since summer is such a big season for tourism, we have to factor in travel-related stress. Add in off-kilter sleep patterns, and you could see why summer can make people a little on edge.

Thankfully, CBD offers a quick and effective solution for your summer stress. Since CBD has natural anti-anxiety properties, it’s a perfect way to avoid a meltdown during the warm months. But what CBD products are the best for combatting summer anxiety? Bloom&Oil has put together the ultimate CBD summer shopping

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