Skirting Italian Cannabis Law With EasyJoint

LGC Capital, a Canadian investment firm focused on the global cannabis market, just bought 47 percent of EasyJoint, the biggest producer of what is known as “cannabis light” in Italy. “Cannabis light” is the term broadly used by Italians (and by national newspapers and media outlets) to refer to cannabis with THC levels below legal limits. 

Classified as a “collector’s item” instead of a smoking product, EasyJoint was created by Luca Marola, a cannabis activist, author, and owner of one of the oldest Italian grow-shops, Canapaio Ducaleis. It’s distributed in 11 official EasyJoint stores and can also be found in over 300 retailers, including grow and herbalist stores, and pharmacies.

Since the early days of prohibition, cannabis laws in Europe have remained a delicate topic. Each state of the Union handles cannabis in their own way—and Italy chose to lean 420 un-friendly. In 2006, the controversial Fini-Giovanardi Law 49/06 removed the distinction between hard and soft drugs. Until it was struck down by the Constitutional Court in 2014, the possession of marijuana and hashish was punished as harshly as the possession of heroin or cocaine. But last year, following in the steps of Switzerland, the boot-shaped nation saw a shift

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