Smoking Hot Summer – 6 Colorful Bongs for the Sunshine Season

CANNABIS CULTURE – Do you love big hits and bright colors? Looking for some fun and fresh bongs to match your summer wardrobe? Well…this list has you covered!

Note: This article contains links to our store site – links will open in a separate window. This list was curated in-house and reflects the authentic views of the writer. Read the full list to find out how to get these products at a discounted price.

1. Day Glow 10” Beaker Tube Bong with Dome Perc


This bong is a customer favorite! Not only does it come in a number of bright colors, it’s also very affordable. Smoke in style this summer!

From Neon Green to Fluorescent Yellow – check out all the wonderful colors this bong is available in!

2. LIT Silicone Beaker Bong with Glass Bowl


This bong is the best for at the beach or camping! Silicone bongs are perfect for taking your tokes on the go! A good portable piece is a summer essential. This bong comes in four colorful options.

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