South Asian Americans Are Coming Out Of The Weed Closet

Cannabis has been interwoven in the fabric of South Asian existence. So where exactly did the stigma around it come from?

When Emel, 34, consumed cannabis for the first time, it wasn’t at a house party with a cloud of smoke drifting up and onward, or any other clichéd scene that programs like D.A.R.E. used to warn her about — nor was it this great act of rebellion or dissent by an angsty American teen.

It was 2009, and Emel, who omitted her last name to avoid drug-use stigma at her job, was at a backyard barbecue hosted by a college friend’s family, whose Mexican heritage meant that their East Los Angeles home swelled with mariachi music and the chatter of aunties and uncles. The homemade brownies were perched alongside the rest of the food on the table, she recalls, readily available for the adults. Emel felt safe enough at the party to know that she’d be taken care of in case something happened — so she tried some.

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