South Dakota’s New Anti-Drug Slogan is ‘Meth. We’re On It.’

The internet exploded in derision this week over South Dakota’s anti-methamphetamine campaign, which features photos representing South Dakotans and some variation of the phrase “Meth: We’re On It.” But the state’s governor wants us to know that the entire endeavor is meant to get us talking.

“Hey Twitter, the whole point of this ad campaign is to raise awareness,” tweeted Republican Governor Kristi Noem. “So I think that’s working…” Not everyone agreed on the politician’s efficacy verdict, but there was a general consensus that with the $449,000 tagline — yes, an attempt had been made.

Perhaps the rabid response to the campaign was due to the fact that in South Dakota, the meth crisis is taking on worrisome proportions. A full 3.8 percent of young people in the state consumed the drug in 2016, according to the state’s Department of Social Services. That’s above the national average, which during the same period stood at three percent.

A Nationwide Epidemic

South Dakota, however, is hardly alone in its battle against meth addiction issues. In Wisconsin, meth has overtaken opioids as the primary drug concern. Government labs dealt with 1,452 deaths from the substance, a number that represents an increase of 450

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