South suburban dispensaries expecting big 4/20 crowds | National News | – KPVI News 6

South suburban dispensaries are gearing up for big crowds on 4/20, the annual cannabis culture holiday that’s celebrated on April 20 around the globe.

It’s typically their busiest day of the year.

Mission Calumet City Dispensary, at 1330 Torrence Ave. in the River Oaks West Shopping Center in Calumet City, is planning festivities that extend into the parking lot for the expected crowds.

“We’re going to have a food truck pulling up from Chicago, Sublime Taco,” general manager Khalid Maxie said. “We’re going to have raffles going on. We’re going to have bean bags for the corn hole toss for prizes. We’re going to have a DJ and tons and tons of vendors. We’re going to have deals throughout the store. It will be a rocking good time.”

The 420 counterculture holiday purportedly got its start when a future roadie for the Grateful Dead, then a high school student, met with his friends at 4:20 p.m. after class every day to search for a lost cannabis crop, according to a story popularized by High Times Magazine. It evolved into a code for all things cannabis and for the time of day in which people smoke marijuana.

April 20 became a day for protests and

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