Springfield City Council approves dispensary special permit request – Reminder Publications

SPRINGFIELD – The City Council approved a special permit for a retail cannabis dispensary at 732 Cottage St. during its Sept. 27 hearings meeting.

Cannabis Advisor Brian Dombrowski discussed the ongoing progress of the proposed cannabis establishment. He assured the council that the dispensary’s staff would be comprised primarily of Springfield residents. Dombrowski also shared that the business is actively reaching compliancy on security and odor control measures.

“We will work with a mechanical engineer to make sure that the odor is taken care of … The product that we carry will be sealed when it’s delivered, so there won’t be extra odor from open packages,” said Dombrowski.

Owners of the business Steve Mrowzinski and Michelle Travis Mrowzinski highlighted their plans with the dispensary. Steve shared that he discovered the medical impacts of cannabis while working as an acupuncturist. Steve said his discovery inspired him to become involved in cannabis advocacy in New York, which included aiding in the bill writing for medical and recreational businesses in the state.

“Through that path, I started being an advocate in New York state for medical cannabis … All of that led me to coming to Springfield and trying to

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