State announces opening of a dozen cannabis dispensaries this month – Niagara Gazette

A dozen new adult-use dispensaries from Brooklyn to Buffalo are set to open this month as the state continues to expand the legal adult-use cannabis market and welcome new operators.

By the end of December, New York State currently anticipates having at least 37 adult-use dispensaries open for business. At these legal adult-use dispensaries, New Yorkers will be able to access licensed cannabis products produced, grown and tested to meet the state’s rigorous safety standards.

The only business announced for Western New York is Premier Earth Corp, 1297 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, which opened its doors on Wednesday.

“As New York expands the most equitable cannabis market in the nation, my administration remains committed to building a safe industry for all New Yorkers that will grow our small business community,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “These new dispensaries continue our mission of strengthening our legal market while at the same time helping to push out the bad actors who skirt our laws and undermine all we are trying to accomplish.”

Among these dispensaries, eight are majority Black-owned, five are Hispanic-owned, and nine are women-owned. According to recent industry research, fewer than 20 out of the 10,000 medical and adult-use cannabis retail shops across the

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