State issues license for new local marijuana dispensary; quality … – WKTV

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UTICA, N.Y. — The New York State Cannabis Control Board has awarded 30 new dispensary licenses and one of them went to a local business owner who plans to open one in the Mohawk Valley.

Courtney Forester and DPSM LLC received a license for a new retail dispensary called Air City Cannabis. Forester owns and operates i-Candies fashion boutique in Sangertown Square. The location of the new dispensary has not yet been announced.

The Control Board also approved five laboratory testing permits, one of which will be located in Utica.

MCR Labs, based in Massachusetts, will open a quality control lab on Broad Street that will test the marijuana before it hits the shelves.

“We’re here for public health. That’s our mission. That’s really why we’re building a lab,” said Mike Kahn, founder of MCR Labs. “Laboratories, not just us but every laboratory like us, is the differentiator between the regulated legal cannabis and the unregulated cannabis that has all sorts of stuff in it that’s really not safe.”

The lab is currently hiring chemists, microbiologists and lab technicians who will be testing buds and

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