State Roundup: Year of Service program rolled out to much fanfare … –

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MOORE LAUNCHES YEAR OF SERVICE PROGRAM WITH 280 PARTICIPANTS: The University of Maryland fight song echoed through the college’s Reckord Armory Friday as dancers performed routines and a tunnel of cheerleaders welcomed the participants of Gov. Wes Moore’s Maryland Corps and Service Year Option to celebrate its pilot launch. Kiersten Hacker of Capital News Service/

While starting with 280 participants this year, Moore has talked about growing to become a major state-backed program, one available to every graduate in the state and a model for others to replicate across the country. Sam Janesch/The Baltimore Sun. The effort is a key step toward one of Democratic Gov. Wes Moore’s signature campaign promises: to eventually create a pathway for every recent high school graduate to spend a year in the workforce in jobs that serve the greater good. Erin Cox/The Washington Post.

MARYLAND BILL TO SHIELD JUDGES DATA TO BE RE-INTRODUCED: State Sen. William Smith intends to bring back a bill designed to protect judges in

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