State’s marijuana sales top more than $211M through September – Arkansas Online

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Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration data shows the state is on pace for record medical marijuana sales by the end of the year.

Through the first nine months of 2023, medical marijuana dispensaries sold $211.3 million worth of products totaling 44,949 pounds of cannabis, the department reported Thursday. So far, the state has collected $23.5 million in tax revenue from medical marijuana sales in 2023, bringing the total to $113 million since the first dispensaries were opened in 2019.

In August and September, dispensaries sold about $23 million worth of products, totaling 10,765 pounds of marijuana. The August and September sales numbers closely resemble the 2023 monthly average of $23.4 million, according to data from the finance department.

“Overall, patients have spent more than $965 million on medical marijuana purchases since the industry launched in May 2019,” according to a statement from Scott Hardin, a spokesperson for the Department of Finance and Administration. “This included $31 million in 2019, $182 million in 2020, $265 million in 2021, $276 million in 2022 and $211 million through

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