Statewide cannabis sales approached $38 million in June, more than $695000 in Farmington – Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Cannabis dispensaries in Farmington sold just over $695,136 in medical and recreational products during the month of June, the Cannabis Control Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department announced this month.

The sales figures positioned Farmington’s dispensaries as having the 13th-highest sales numbers in the state. Of those sales, just over $223,288 came from medical cannabis sales, and just over $471,848 was from adult-use sales.

The city’s sales figures were well behind four major metro areas and some cities near the border with Texas, where adult use marijuana is not legal, although the medical use of use of low-THC cannabis products is regulated by the state through a compassionate use program.

Aztec was 44th of 48 municipalities listed on the sales figure roster, registering $13,929 in sales – just over $1,189 from medical sales and the balance in recreational sales.

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Sales statewide in June by licensed retailers totaled $38 million in both adult-use and medical cannabis products, the Cannabis Control Division said in a news release.

“One year ago, on June 29th, Governor Lujan Grisham signed legislation that created the Cannabis Regulation Act,” Acting Director Carolina Barrera said in the July 7 news release. “As

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