STEVE MARTIN Does WeHo need more cannabis dispensaries? – – WEHOville


Do residents believe West Hollywood needs any additional cannabis dispensaries? At tonight’s meeting, City Council is scheduled to approve a pathway to open more marijuana outlets.

With the recent closure of Med Men’s flagship West Hollywood storefront and our existing operators struggling, it does not seem like a great time to be licensing additional dispensaries.

But last month city staff proposed an update to the city’s cannabis ordinance that would open the door to six new dispensaries in the city, doubling the number of cannabis retailers in the city by over eight envisioned when the city first adopted its cannabis ordinance in 2017.

On Monday night, the City Council has a chance to reject the additional six new cannabis dispensaries recommended by staff, by voting down the staff proposed “pause” to the city’s current deadlines for unopened cannabis businesses and vacating the licenses of those businesses who have failed to meet the licensing standards set by the city.

On January 4th, Danny Rivas, director of Community and Business Safety, introduced a proposed plan to our existing cannabis operators, that would allow holders of “Edible Lounge” licenses to expand to having smoking throughout their facilities and sell products directly to

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