Study: People Who Consume Cannabis for Sleep Quit Sleep Aids

A study by Washington State University (WSU) researchers found people who consume cannabis to help with sleep quit using prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids such as melatonin and benzodiazepines. The study, published in the Exploration of Medicine journal, found 80% of the 1,255 cannabis consumers surveyed, no longer used the sleep aids, relying instead on high-THC cannabis products. 

Half of those surveyed reported specifically using cannabis containing CBD and the terpene myrcene, 33.8% used cannabis edibles, and 14.1% used cannabis capsules.     

In a statement, Carrie Cuttler, senior author of the study and associate professor of psychology at WSU, said that people were seeking out cannabis products with myrcene in them to help with sleep “surprised” her. 

“There is some evidence in the scientific literature to support that myrcene may help to promote sleep, so cannabis users seemed to have figured that out on their own.” — Cuttler in a press release 

Study participants reported varying morning outcomes and side effects – cannabis users more commonly reported feeling refreshed, focused, and better able to function in the morning after consuming cannabis, and said they experienced fewer headaches and less nausea compared to using

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